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Quickly Adapt To Market Demands In The Hybrid Cloud

Focus on your strategic business priorities while shifting the burden and expense of building and managing hybrid cloud infrastructure to us.

Cloudteam Cloud Solutions for VMware Cloud Platform enable companies to focus on their strategic priorities while shifting the burden and expense of building and managing a hybrid cloud infrastructure.

With options for private and public cloud platforms, Cloudteam Technology manages the on-demand IT infrastructure platforms for business-critical applications so that companies can quickly adapt to market demands and take the best path to hybrid IT. Our services include:

Managed Services for VMware: An integrated infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) solution, these managed services include market-leading hardware, software and services that provide the agility, speed and security needed to compete in the digital economy.

Cloudteam Managed Multi-Cloud Services powered by VMware: This managed infrastructure service with VMware Software-Defined Data Center (SDDC) capabilities helps simplify hybrid and multi-cloud management, providing automated deployment of a managed virtual infrastructure comprising compute, storage, network and applications in highly available and secure private or public clouds.

Managed Services for Virtual Private Cloud: Our highly secure cloud compute and storage environment that runs critical business applications with preconfigured workload solutions, is delivered from multiple locations and meets high standards for data sovereignty and availability.

Managed Services for VMware

Organizations are transforming their business processes and operations to add value in a fast-paced, global service economy. IT leaders are moving to a digital model by allocating more resources for strategic initiatives versus only handling maintenance and support activities.

Without a partner to deploy and manage cloud services, IT seldom focuses on business innovations. For public sector organizations, innovation provides new ways to engage with constituents and add value. For commercial organizations, innovation provides new routes to market and greater customer satisfaction.

Cloudteam Managed Services for VMware is an integrated infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) solution. It consists of market-leading hardware, software and services that provide the agility, speed and security needed to compete in the digital economy.

This single-tenant service is available from either a customer-owned, Cloudteam or third-party location and addresses regional data sovereignty and regulatory compliance.

Get It Done Fast

Accelerate to a 100% dedicated, managed private cloud using our industry-leading technology and resources, including:

Initial advisory, transformation and ongoing services to provide a complete cloud solution integrating hardware, software and services into a dedicated enterprise-grade cloud model.

Management and infrastructure lifecycle services to improve your IT asset utilization, flexibility and security.

The cloud to target your workloads Cloudteam Managed Services for VMware is available on multiple industry-leading vendor hardware configurations and cloud management infrastructure. Its VMware-based stack provides a standard, base and scale-out infrastructure and service options for physical and virtual servers, operating systems, storage, continuity, connectivity, network and service SLAs up to 99.95%.

With server configurations ranging from small virtual servers to large physical servers, Cloudteam Managed Services for VMware environments can support a broad range of workloads— from application development and hosted email to ERP systems and analytics — all managed by a single management infrastructure. With integrated hardware and software, you can create virtual pools of servers and storage resources on demand. You can select these services based on your designs and Cloudteam best practices via the self-service catalog. Cloudteam Managed Services for VMware lets you instantly adjust to dynamic business demands, enabling rapid design, provisioning and modification of your infrastructure environment in minutes.

An IT governance model helps you get a predictable service quality, improved speed and agility, and optimized IT capacity across physical and virtual infrastructure environments. With a managed private cloud solution, you can provision resources faster, manage services better and do both more securely.

Measurable Business Results

Our offering shifts the burden and expense of building and managing an on-demand IT infrastructure to Cloudteam. This enables enterprises to focus on their strategic priorities and provides customers with a full range of advisory, workload transformation and cloud stack infrastructure managed services to accelerate their time to value.

Benefits our customers achieved include:

Improved security A major financial institution gained a stable and mature service with no major security breaches, blocking millions of emails per month (80% of total email), preventing spam, phishing and other potential sources of malware.

Flexible managed cloud services Cloudteam offers secure managed cloud options for OS, middleware, databases and enterprise applications. Managed backup and recovery services are also available to protect your data.

Reduce risk through standardization, automation and operational tools and processes.

Use solutions that enable in-house IT to focus on business innovation and outcomes.

Reduce risk and improve regulatory compliance with world-class security.

Gain a roadmap to modernization and future mode of operations.

Keep pace with technology changes and business demands.

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