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Take The Best Path To Hybrid IT With Hybrid Cloud Blueprint

Traditional IT environments can’t match the pace of change in modern enterprises. That’s why your path to hybrid IT is key to the digital transformation journey — enabling IT to rapidly develop, deploy, and protect next-gen applications by meshing legacy resources with agile new platforms.

Cloudteam Technology’s Hybrid Cloud Blueprint can help your organization choose and implement the best plan for transforming your applications, infrastructure, and operating model to succeed in the digital economy.

Six Steps To Digital Transformation In The Cloud

Cloudteam’s approach includes data analytics tools and methods to support business and technology change:

Application transformation recommendations: Make informed decisions about how applications should be transformed to magnify the benefits of the landing zones.

Application/workload placement recommendations: Reliably predict the best options for workload optimization in private, public or hybrid environments through a cloud-agnostic landing zone evaluation. We assess service level, security and compliance parameters, technology fit and return on investment.

IT operating model considerations: Maximize the benefits of transformation and avoid pitfalls by understanding the IT operating model changes required to effectively support your future hybrid state.

IT policy considerations: Ensure that required security, controls, governance and placement rules are properly considered.

Business case: Compare current- and future-state run costs, and application transformation/migration costs, to determine the most appropriate landing zones.

High-level execution plan: Provide documentation to convince stakeholders of the need to change by providing a clear roadmap and timeline to execute the hybrid transformation.

Comprehensive Hybrid Cloud Services

More than 40 percent of companies have selected Cloudteam for cloud transformation. Not only do we help you develop the plan, but we can also integrate, optimize and manage your workloads, applications and infrastructure. Our comprehensive services include:

Cloud and workload migration: Cloudteam applies industry-leading tools and practices to migrate many IT workloads and applications each year. Move swiftly to your hybrid platforms of choice — without affecting your business.

Application transformation: Each year Cloudteam writes many lines of code for applications that support critical business processes. We ensure that your applications run securely and efficiently — and enable digital change at scale. Our Application Factory approach automates processes to ensure low-risk, high-speed transformation — from re-platforming to cloud-native.

Cloud management: Cloudteam provides critical managed services to many public and private cloud customers worldwide across multiple vendors. We ensure full support for managing and monitoring cloud environments, system software, infrastructure configurations and cost management.

Platform and container services: Cloudteam can help you revolutionize the deployment of applications such as SAP with a full-stack, managed platform as a service.

Brokerage and integration: Cloudteam’s automated tools and integration services enable fast, self-service provisioning across multiple clouds, so your IT organization can serve as an internal cloud broker. We help you manage multiple IT suppliers, minimize service impacts and integrate all of your services.

Accelerate Your Digital Transformation

Cloudteam partners with you to accelerate your move to hybrid cloud by using our world-class expertise and unique intellectual property to confidently guide you from strategy to implementation, as we’ve done for these customers:

Cloudteam worked with a multinational financial institution to provide a fact-based analysis of the suitability of migrating its applications to a focused platform architecture. The firm found a way to use fewer platforms and the right mix of on- and off-premises clouds.

Cloudteam helped a consumer goods company reduce its data center footprint, increase compute utilization to 80 percent and move to a preferred cloud platform. This enabled the company to improve its time to market on new technologies.

Access A network Of Industry-Leading Partners

When you work with Cloudteam you get access to an extended network of partners that are leading the way to digital change. For example, Cloudteam partners with Virtual Clarity to provide specialized consulting services to plan your transformation. Supporting all industries, including financial services, healthcare, retail and manufacturing, we combine Cloudteam’s deep technology expertise, scale and global reach with Virtual Clarity’s ability to deliver strategic systems transformations — and create the right environment for successful business change.

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