Managed Services

Managed Services

For about 10 years we offer managed services on a remote basis to take care of our customers’ IT infrastructure. As a universal, midsize MSP, we accept any customer’s vision on managed IT services and are ready to discuss and comply with non-standard requirements.

Managed Services Why You Nedd Managed IT Services

To have a competitive edge, enterprises have to be technologically advanced. However, managing more and more complex IT systems becomes a challenge.

Significant expenses on additional IT specialists and maintaining the IT infrastructure fully operable, updated, and secure.

Reduced focus on core services. You spend time and money on technology and top-class IT team, instead of developing your primary competencies.

Cloudteam is ready to become your managed service provider (MSP) to help you escape these challenges.

Smooth transition from your in-house team.

IT service availability improvement.

Information security.

User satisfaction at a reasonable price.

Our Offerings

Shift the burden of day-to-day IT infrastructure maintenance to Cloudteam’s professionals, who provide the following managed IT services on a remote basis.

Applications: Deployment; Maintenance; Ensuring application availability.

Desktops: Software configuration and administration of desktops, printers and mobile devices; Software installation and updating.

Servers: System administration; Performance monitoring; Fine-tuning.

Enterprise systems: Data Centers; Directory Services; Mail; VoIP; Intranet and collaboration solutions; CRM systems; ERP systems.

Data storage: Monitoring and administration of databases, data warehouses and big data storage; Storage disaster recovery.

Network and security: Integration, maintenance and ensuring the security of LANs and VPNs; Integration and maintenance of IDSs/IPSs and firewalls; Integration and maintenance of antiviruses.

Cloud systems: Integration, maintenance and ensuring security on various cloud computing platforms.

Managed IT Service Challenges We Address

Customer’s demand to extend the scope of managed IT services: Cloudteam’s customers are free to entrust any scope of IT management functions to our team. We have a wide range of competences and capacity reserve allowing us to handle load increase.

An inefficient reactive approach to handling IT issues: Like our customers, we prefer to prevent problems rather than cope with their outcomes. So, instead of a break/fix approach, we provide value-based managed IT services to keep IT operations up and running.

A threat to customer’s data security: Having deep access to customers’ sensitive data and commitment to keep it safe, Cloudteam follows the customer’s security policy and apply our own security measures. This provides an additional level of protection to ensure that the data is not accessed and tampered with unsolicited third parties or altered by ransomware.

Rigid SLA: Cloudteam doesn’t keep its customers trapped in a service level agreement (SLA) when their business strategy and IT needs change. We are open to discuss and alter the terms of a managed service contract and adapt our IT services to any of those changes.

Specific Services

Help Desk Services

With IT help desk outsourcing, you don’t need to hire and train support personnel and still can remain sure that your software and its users are taken care of.

Managed Application Services

Malfunctions, failures, stops, and irrelevance of critical business apps can result in significant monetary losses, alienate users, undermine clients’ trust and cause complete disarray in business processes and data.

Managed Infrastructure Services

To maintain the reliability of the customers’ complex IT infrastructures, Cloudteam’s IT team has been delivering infrastructure managed services for more than 10 years already.

Managed Security Services

As the experienced cybersecurity services, IT consulting, and IT service management (ITSM) provider, Cloudteam offers real-time monitoring, proactive prevention, efficient management, prompt detection, and quick response to security incidents of various complexity.

Managed IT Support Services

Equipped with 10 years of experience in ITSM and the expertise in DevOps implementation, Cloudteam offers to take over the support and management of your diverse IT services.

To have a competitive edge, enterprises have to be technologically advanced. However, managing more and more complex IT systems becomes a challenge.

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