Managed Infrastructure Services

Managed Infrastructure Services

To maintain the reliability of the customers’ complex IT infrastructures, Cloudteam’s IT team has been delivering infrastructure managed services for more than 10 years already. Our ITSM expertise, DevOps experience, and other tech leaders allow us to guarantee a high level of infrastructure managed services we offer.

IT Infrastructure Components We Cover

We take responsibility for continuously monitoring, supporting, and optimizing your IT infrastructure or its parts, i.e.:


Onsite data centers.

Cloud solutions (IaaS, PaaS, SaaS).

Data storages.

Big data storage.

Data warehouses.

Infrastructures for applications.

Cybersecurity measures.

Our IT Infrastructure Managed Services Scope

With IT infrastructure managed services Cloudteam delivers, you get the opportunity to maintain the reliability of your diverse IT infrastructure and enable its steady evolution while keeping costs down.

IT infrastructure monitoring

We set up and configure IT infrastructure monitoring tools, e.g., PRTG, Zabbix, Nagios, Prometheus to ensure prompt detection of any IT issues occurring in your IT environment.

We provide reports on your resource consumption and the performance of IT infrastructure components, i.e., onsite or cloud IT solutions, data warehouses, etc.

We apply ITSM methodologies and processes to automate the ticketing process and increase visibility over the activities happening within your IT infrastructure.

IT helpdesk and troubleshooting

We provide help desk services and address IT issues of various severity and complexity, thus completely freeing you up from the necessity to arrange your in-house IT infrastructure help desk team.

We timely address the issues that may potentially damage your IT infrastructure or its components, i.e., we analyze the possible business impact of an incident, suggest preventive measures, resolve incidents, thoroughly study the event logs to identify the root causes of incidents, analyze the possible business impact of an incident, and suggest preventive measures.

IT infrastructure enhancement

We plan and design changes and expansions of your IT infrastructure.

We implement the changes and expansions with our own efforts or in collaboration with your in-house IT team or your other vendors.

We help your application development and support teams adapt to the changed IT infrastructure by delivering appropriate training and release notes.

Advantages You Can Get From Our IT Infrastructure Managed Services

Cloudteam’s IT infrastructure support team is eager to help you increase your business reliability with the following benefits you get from the cooperation with us:

Reduced IT infrastructure maintenance costs due to:

Mature ITSM processes.

Optimization of cloud resource consumption.

Ability to deliver infrastructure managed services remotely if applicable.

Reasonable service costs.

Improved IT infrastructure performance quality due to:

Service offering based on the detailed KPI system and SLOs set in the SLA.

Continuous infrastructure monitoring applied to predict IT issues or detect them promptly, thus avoiding downtime.

An enhanced approach to IT infrastructure changes delivery due to:

A high level of IT infrastructure automation aimed at accelerating the delivery of IT infrastructure improvements.

Structured change management we apply: analyzing IT infrastructure loopholes, defining possible risks related to them, planning the scope of needed changes, testing and adjusting the potential changes in testing IT environment, and further implementing them with the minimal downtime.

Using our DevOps expertise and implementing IaC, CI/CD, and other practices if applicable to you.

Service Options

Depending on the services coverage you expect from us, we can deliver our IT infrastructure managed services according to two possible models:

Complete managed IT infrastructure services: We use only our own IT and human resources and efforts to keep your IT infrastructure and its components (networks, servers, virtual machines, etc.) reliable, highly-available, and secure.

Co-managed IT infrastructure services: We strive to establish strong collaboration with your in-house IT team and/or your third-party cloud or security providers to jointly cope with IT infrastructure maintenance (e.g., adjusting risk management processes, performing regular security assessments, delivering regular reports on your IT infrastructure performance) quickly and efficiently. If required, we can either deliver our cybersecurity services as a part of our IT infrastructure managed services, or collaborate with your in-house information security team or your third-party security provider to ensure that your IT infrastructure is highly protected from internal and external security threats.

How We Deliver IT Infrastructure Managed Services

Responsibility transfer: We assess you current IT infrastructure design, talk to your business and technical stakeholders (or third-party vendors) to get the details on the configurations of your IT infrastructure components and available IT infrastructure assets, prepare a detailed SLA with a defined KPI system and agreed with SLOs to ensure you get adequate control over our support activities. Eventually, you offload the entire responsibility for your IT infrastructure to us.

Service delivery: Cloudteam delivers either a full set of IT infrastructure managed services or maintains the reliability of particular components of your IT environment – depending on the cooperation model – and delivers regular reports.

Change delivery: We support changes and improvements that can be implemented within your IT infrastructure to increase its reliability and flexibility, and further support you in change implementation.

Our Approach To Building Collaboration

We adhere to a multi-tiered approach to collaboration with your IT team or your third-party vendor’s team and adjust it taking into account your business situation, objectives, and requirements. Due to our approach, the activities needed to maintain your IT infrastructure become less time-consuming and more cost-effective allowing you to stay within budget and focus on your key business operations.

That is how our collaboration may look:

Defined KPIs and SLOs to provide you with complete visibility over our services

Cloudteam’s IT team self-manages the services it delivers to minimize your efforts. With the use of a KPI system we prepare and SLOs we agree on with you in the SLA, you can control our activities any time you need.

A sample KPI system:


Target budget for managed infrastructure services: Budget spent; Over budget approved and spent (if any).

Your employees’ time spent to handle Cloudteam’s requests.

IT infrastructure security

The number of vulnerabilities found by independent penetration testing.

The number of security incidents.

Services reliability

Service availability.

Response time.

IT incidents (issues users encountered).

Changes (by business value and priority)


Waiting in a backlog.

Backlog waiting time expired.

User satisfaction

User satisfaction score.

Change adoption metrics.

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