Management Services: Monitor, Troubleshoot, Enhance, Optimize

According to recent Computer Economics surveys, application management is one of the most attractive and convenient IT functions for outsourcing. Answering the needs of modern enterprises, we’ve focused on the creation of a comprehensive offering to keep your applications relevant, available, and running smoothly. Cloudteam’s application management services can include application monitoring and performance management, support, enhancement, incident and patch management, and more. We operate in a wide range of industries, including manufacturing, healthcare, banking, retail, telecommunications, travel, and hospitality.

Our Application Management Services

We keep the processes completely visible and continuously update you on the current state of your applications, providing detailed reports on implementation plans, activities performed and measures introduced.

Application monitoring and performance management: we can help you maintain the right performance of the applications critical to your enterprise. With thorough monitoring activities, our team proactively diagnoses and fixes evolving slowdowns and failures before they get detected by end-users.

Application troubleshooting: we resolve occurring issues in your critical applications related to specific misbehaviors, slow request handling, runtime errors, component unavailability, and poor data quality.

Application enhancements: we manage requests for minor and more substantial app changes, as well as assist with releases of updated application versions.

Application optimization: we help to ensure your applications stay current with changing business needs and goals. Our consultants conduct a detailed review of your applications and relevant business processes to modify applications (introducing automation and integrations, porting to new techs and platforms, restructuring solution) according to updated business policies, data, and workflows.

Change management and training services: to provide a smooth switch to upgraded systems, we deliver a comprehensive change management plan (including full test coverage, risk analysis, and after-launch review), review, and training services. We closely work with your IT team to help them to prepare for the management of updated applications. Also, providing step-by-step guides, onsite training, and workshops, we ensure that your end-users feel confident with new system versions or functional extensions and know how to use them in a productive and efficient way.

Application Management Backed By Help Desk Services

We complement our management services with comprehensive help desk support. The help desk is represented by a multi-language 24/7 team with appropriate technical expertise. They become a single point of entry for all service requests and incident reports facilitating and streamlining their resolution as well as improving user satisfaction by: 

Prioritizing and categorizing incidents reported by users (via e-mail, phone, chat, a ticket management system) or identified by monitoring systems.

Providing an immediate solution for general or repeatable issues upon instruction and escalating more complex cases to technical experts.

Informing users on the status of their requests.

Expanding a knowledge base and an FAQ section for users’ self-help.

Gathering users’ feedback for a development team.

Applications We Manage

We offer professional application management services for a wide range of applications:

Custom enterprise applications (written on Java, PHP, .NET, Python, C++, etc.).

Customized third-party applications (including SharePoint, Salesforce, Dynamics 365, Magento).

We have a deep competence in:


Supply chain management.

Asset management.

Ecommerce solutions.

B2B and B2C portals.

Enterprise mobile applications.

Applications are driven by data analytics, big data, IoT, AI.

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