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The path to digital transformation is fraught with challenges deciding which legacy applications to migrate to modern platforms and which to modernize to enhance reliability, serviceability and functionality. According to Gartner, “legacy applications contain valuable core functions and data that are essential for your digital business initiatives.” At Cloudteam, we recognize the need to leverage the valuable existing assets while migrating, modernizing and transforming your portfolio.

Cloudteam helps your enterprise manage your portfolio as an asset, removing impediments and executing continuous business-driven modernization to get optimum value from your legacy and future investments. Success requires an iterative approach of continuous application migration, modernization and transformation.

Cloudteam Technology provides a managed suite of agile services to guide your organization on this journey. Cloudteam Migration, Modernization and Transformation Services combine global digital delivery and best-in-class technologies to thoroughly analyze options, ensure a successful migration, modernization and, if needed, management of your environment. You can reduce your total cost of ownership by rationalizing and modernizing your application portfolio and infrastructure to exploit new service capabilities and operating models while leveraging the core business intellectual property (IP) contained in legacy applications and data.

Cloudteam’s services shorten the time, lower costs and reduce the risk when migrating to public clouds or between clouds, data centers or virtual platforms. We provide a flexible end-to-end agile framework for planning and executing successful migrations and modernizations of applications to accelerate your business outcomes.

Get on The Best Path To Hybrid IT

Cloudteam’s end to end services for hybrid IT begin with a blueprint that starts with planning and migration – knowing what to move and how to move it.

Cloudteam transforms your application portfolio to the cloud with a factory approach and the services to migrate and modernize the portfolio where needed.  We then provide ongoing services to help you manage the new environment and applications – to make sure you’re secure and paying only for what you need. We plan, migrate, modernize and manage your IT  – quickly and efficiently. Additional services available include:

Advisory Services: Assess your needs, design your hybrid IT roadmap and develop a digital transformation strategy.

Managed Cloud Services: Get full support for monitoring and managing cloud environments, system software, infrastructure configurations and costs.

Brokerage and Integration Services: Optimize workloads with a single view of IT assets and governance across service management, operations and analytics.

Mainframe and Legacy Modernization: Reduce traditional IT spending by modernizing your applications portfolio and infrastructure to exploit core business IP in legacy apps and data.

Managed Mainframe Services: Delivers expertise, processes, and tools needed to scale mainframe infrastructure, optimizing mainframe service costs and productivity.

Ensuring Business Results

Cloudteam Migration, Modernization and Transformation Services will help you utilize the best mix of cloud and traditional infrastructure to run your business applications. Our experts will determine application requirements, migrate and modernize applications without disruption, furnish a secure, stable infrastructure, and provide a smooth transition to new service models. Results include:

Reduced risk: A company needed to implement an IT platform to support the bank’s future digital agenda. Migrating critical apps to a managed private cloud-enabled the bank’s digital agenda and reduced the firm’s overall IT risk.

Cost savings: Cloudteam helped a large services organization consolidate and modernize business processes, applications, and IT infrastructure, realizing an immediate cost reduction of 30 percent with no capital investment and 15 to 25 percent year-on-year operations costs and infrastructure savings.

Faster time to market and business agility: Cloudteam enabled a company to assess its IT environment with the goal of achieving a faster time to market and cost-effective services. After adopting Cloudteam’s managed cloud, service times improved from months to hours or days with greater flexibility and cost savings of 30 to 35 percent with no capital investment.

Full Range Of Application Treatments

Cloudteam offers a full range of services. For example, we can rehost your applications to the cloud to change the infrastructure environment without any functional change to the application. We can re-platform your legacy applications to upgrade, consolidate, rationalize, containerize and modernize them.

We can change the platform (e.g., language, operating system and database) without functional change to the application, or we can alter the application design while retaining functional equivalency. Our standard application migration treatments include:

Image migration

Database migration

Application reinstall and data migration

Physical lift and shift

Database upgrade

Database re-platform

Application upgrade and data migration

Application re-platform and data migration

Container migration

We can modernize the application to take advantage of new services capabilities and/or improve resilience and flexibility. Our standard application modernization services include:

Service enablement and integration

Mainframe applications modernization

Open source services

Database services

UI/UX modernizations

Optimization and automation services

Cloud-native enablement of existing applications

Retirement services

Cloudteam’s robust agile migration, modernization and transformation capabilities support a diverse array of technologies, geographies, regulatory requirements, operating models and target environments.

We can deliver migrations, modernizations and transformations for your complex hybrid environment that maximize value, accelerate time-to-value, increase quality and enhance overall ROI (Return in investment). Our skilled cloud migration and modernization experts leverage best-in-class tools to analyze your business and application portfolio and identify the best approach to harness the power of emerging technologies and ensure excellence in your customer experience.

Cloudteam’s migration, modernization and transformation strategies are underpinned by established methodologies, analytics and automation that reduce the risks and operational challenges associated with transforming enterprise applications and data. We have multiple configuration options to deliver the right blend of onshore and offshore resources and offer flexible, cost-optimized models and competitive, commercial terms.

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