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Cloudteam delivers high-grade custom software to a wide range of clients – from Fortune 500 companies to mid-sized businesses. Distilling 10 years of experience in IT, expertise across various technology stacks, and in more than 10 industries, we can help you to solve complex challenges with reliable and agile digital solutions.

Tailored solutions for every type of business process

We deliver web, mobile, and desktop software solutions that broadly fall under 3 main categories – management of B2B, B2C interactions, and internal operations. Our software confidently works across all popular browsers, OSes, and mobile platforms, scales to millions of users and delivers immaculate UX through a clear, logical layout and smooth workflows.

Want to optimize the internal business process: We design and build applications that optimize or elegantly transform your internal business processes by streamlining operations, improving their transparency, driving employees’ efficiency, enhancing interdepartmental collaboration, and improving reporting and planning. They are including:

CRM systems.

ERP systems.

SCM systems.

Financial management/accounting software.

HR/onboarding software.

Project management software.

Task management software.

Marketing management tools.

Sales tracking software.

Field service management software.

Asset management software.

Business Intelligence (BI) tools.

Industry-specific solutions (electronic health record (EHR), manufacturing execution systems (MES)).

Collaboration systems.

Document management systems.

Want to improve interactions with the customers: We can build customer-facing applications that facilitate an experience with your brand, drive brand awareness, impress and retain your customers, thus letting your business stand out and grow its market share. To satisfy the demands of modern users, we pay special attention to striking design, ease of use, and high performance in the application we create. They are including:

Customer portals.

Self-service portals.

Ecommerce/online marketplace.

Marketing automation software.

Gamification software.

Payment systems.

Client apps: mobile banking, shopping apps, patient apps.

Want to streamline collaboration with business partners: We can create feature-rich, failure-resistant, and powerful applications that ensure a convenient B2B environment for the exchange of services, products, and data between businesses. Our team professionally deals with the specifics of B2B applications, such as an extended group of project stakeholders, long-running business processes, intensive negotiations, unique sales models, the inclusion of additional services, and follow-ups in the application functionality, various payment options. They are including:

Vendor portals, trade portals (B2B eCommerce), procurement portals.

Order management systems.

B2B marketing solutions.

Billing and invoicing software.

Contract management systems.

Related Services

Integration: We can integrate new software with other tools you already use – be they custom-made or platform-based – like ERP, CRM, PDM, MES, vendor, and customer portals, and more.

API development: Our experts can build clean, secure, and well-documented APIs to help you extend enterprise-wide automation or enable smooth and easy integration of your custom solution with other internal or external systems and subsystems.

Continuous support: We can take over responsibility for consistent performance management, troubleshooting, evolution, and change management to keep your software healthy, relevant, and high-performing.

Our Focus Industries

We’ve mastered a wide range of industries but have the strongest track record in such domains as manufacturing, healthcare, retail, telecommunications, and banking.

Manufacturing: Applications that ensure effective factory management, mitigate the risks of equipment failures, reduce operational costs, improve performance, establish smooth supply and distribution, and boost communication with partners.

Healthcare: Applications that built-in line with government regulations (HIPAA, HITECH, ACA, FDASIA, and others) and protocols (HL7, ANSI X12, DICOM, ICD-10, and others).

Retail: Solutions for large, mid-sized, and small retail businesses that lead to effective management, improved vendor-partner communication, increased sales, and stronger customer loyalty.

Banking and financial services: Applications that improve operational efficiency, ensure internal information consistency, and facilitate clients’ communication with the bank.

Telecommunications: Applications that bring communication to the next level and contribute to its security: Business Support Systems, customized Value-Added Services software and big data analytics tools.

We Deliver With Speed, Quality And Agility

The success of our software comes from:

dedicated PM for each project who organizes the work for the benefit of transparency and visibility coordinates communication with your in-house team and third parties continuously re-evaluate requirements and manage risks.

Effective collaboration with project stakeholders.

Focus on quality at every stage of the software development life cycle.

Clean and stable codefuture-proof architecture (mobile-, integration-, cloud-ready; SOA, microservices-based, etc.).

Rapid prototyping, fast delivery of the first version, and iterative development further.

Lean UX design.

Development in a view of undemanding support and smooth evolution.

Mature DevOps culture, a strong background in containerized environmentscloud computingcontinuous integration (CI), and continuous delivery (CD).

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