Managed Security Services

Managed Security Services

As the experienced cybersecurity services, IT consulting, and IT service management (ITSM) provider, Cloudteam offers real-time monitoring, proactive prevention, efficient management, prompt detection, and quick response to security incidents of various complexity.

Customers’ Needs We Address

As an MSSP with more than 16 years in cybersecurity, Cloudteam tailors its offer for different customers. Among our customers are companies from manufacturing, banking, retail, healthcare, eCommerce companies, and other online businesses, SaaS providers.

We design our MSSP offering to address the following security-specific needs:

Sufficient security coverage across customers’ diverse IT environments.

IT infrastructure protection against non-targeted widespread real-time threats, advanced persistent threats (APTs), etc.

Compliance with the requirements of security regulations and standards.

Cybersecurity Components Our Managed Security Services Include

Cloudteam’s security services include real-time monitoring, management, and/or provision of the following cybersecurity components (hardware, software, cloud services):

Security information and event management (SIEM) systems.

Threat intelligence tools.

Firewalls, intrusion prevention systems (IPS), and intrusion detection systems (IDS).

Email security and antivirus software.

Denial of service (DoS) and distributed denial of service (DDoS) protection solutions, and other security components.

IT Components Our Managed Security Services Cover

Cloudteam’s offering in managed security services is designed to ensure the protection of the following IT components:


On-premises data centers, data storages, big data storages, etc.

Cloud services (IaaS, PaaS, SaaS) customers use, as well as customers’ applications and data in cloud.

Customer-facing applications, e.g., eCommerce stores, customer portals, SaaS applications, etc.

Corporate IT infrastructure and customers’ internal applications, and other IT components.

The Scope Of Our Managed Security Services

Cloudteam offers a full set of cybersecurity services:

Security strategy design

We design the entire security strategy and its technical components (e.g., IDS/IPS to use, mandatory security policies to apply).

We plan the adoption of cloud-based security technologies within your IT infrastructure to increase the overall cyber protection.

IT infrastructure configuration

We integrate a customer’s IT infrastructure into a modern could-centric security infrastructure.

Security incidents prevention

We advise on the security policies to apply to improve the entire security level.

We advise on the implementation of the SecOps approach to provide for a higher level of application security.

We conduct managed vulnerability scanning of networks, servers, databases, and applications.

We carry out penetration testing regularly depending on each customer’s needs and the necessity to ensure compliance with security regulations and standards (PCI DSS, HIPAA, and others).

Managed detection and response to security threats

We ensure the 24×7 security monitoring and analysis of security events collected from the IT infrastructure and application logs.

We deliver advanced threat monitoring and unified threat management with the use of the latest threat intelligence technologies.

We ensure rapid security incident response.

We deliver regular compliance reporting based on the data gathered with a SIEM system.

We provide reporting on device, application, and network security management and security monitoring results.

How We Deliver Managed Security Services

At all cooperation stages, we stay self-managed, which minimizes customers’ management and administration efforts. Along with that, our customers can easily control our performance through regular reporting they get based on KPIs, e.g., security incidents detected and resolved, changes in security components implemented, etc.


We analyze the IT landscape, cybersecurity needs, and tools in use (SIEM, IDS/IPS solutions, etc.) based on the incident history, change backlogs, the input from IT and business departments.

We perform knowledge mining for IT assets, infrastructure, and its components configurations, security policies, process descriptions, etc.

We conduct service planning and prepare an SLA with defined service-level objectives (SLOs).

Responsibility transfer

We design a cybersecurity strategy with a possible migration to modern cloud-centric security technologies.

We integrate a customer’s IT infrastructure into a modern security infrastructure.

We take over the responsibility for a customer’s overall infrastructure protection.

Service delivery

We deliver a full set of managed security services.

We provide service results analysis and reporting (weekly and/or monthly) to ensure that our customers have complete visibility over the service delivery.

If applicable, we implement a SecOps approach by aligning the efforts of our security team with IT infrastructure operations team and application developers.


We prepare proposals on the possible process and IT infrastructure security improvements quarterly and assist in their implementation.

Benefits Our Customers Get From Our Services

Proper protection built within a short time frame and at a reasonable cost

Cloudteam’s security team provides:

A set of managed security services with standardized processes and templates.

Security consultants are available at the discovery stage and ready to constantly collaborate with customers’ IT operations and development teams.

Advanced cloud security tools.

Coverage of all cybersecurity aspects without big investments into hardware, software, personnel

Cloudteam’s security team ensures:

No substantial upfront investments.

The usage of primarily cloud-based security components to minimize costs.

The availability of competent security architects, administrators, analysts, and security testers to cover all the duties of a security operations center (SOC).

Advanced threat protection

Cloudteam’s security team provides:

Advanced event and flow analysis leveraging threat intelligence of the managed SIEM system.

SIEM and log management.

Protection against the perimeter and insider threats.

End-to-end managed security services delivered within the budget

Cloudteam’s security team offers:

Pricing based on service consumption.

Mature project management for optimized resource utilization.

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